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  • Smart Building Development (more...)

  • Window Thermal Cover Development (more...)

  • Solar Direct to Roof & Wall Surfaces Development, BiPV (more...)

  • Rollable Solar Direct to Soil Development (more...)

  • Next Generation Fan/Damper Development (more...)

  • Mass Produce Smart Solar Material That Includes Switches/Processor (summarydetails)

  • Automate Installation of Solar Material Direct-to-Plywood Roof (summarydetails)

  • Automate Installation of Solar Material onto Corrugated Steel Panels & Frames (summarydetails)

  • Create Big Battery Borrowing System (summarydetails)

  • Extend Computer Network to Windows, Doors, Ducts & Ceiling (summarydetails)

  • Create Standards that Automate Windows and Doors (summarydetails)

  • Add Low Cost Vacuum Insulation to Walls (summarydetails)

  • Reduce Heating/Cooling Energy Consumption w/ Low Cost Geothermal (summarydetails)

  • Create Zero Energy (ZE) Architectural PhD Program (details)

  • Create Universal Language for Building Devices To Communicate (details)

  • Electronically Connect Architect, City, Suppliers, and Robots (details)

  • Standardize Building System Design (details)

  • Physically Embed Android-like Devices Everywhere (details)

Primary Initiatives

See Also ...

  • Bill Gates Talks about Global Warming

Prototype Webpages

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