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  • Authored a series of articles on how to solve the climate change problem. 

  • Developed plan that describes how the US Gov't can solve the climate change problem for $10B/yr. For details, click here.

  • The Manhattan 2 Project a non-profit that does R&D to reduce climate change. For CBS Boston TV news summary, click here.

  • Developed business plan for $100M/yr Energy Systems R&D Center 
    (pdf, docxppt). Anyone can copy, rename, and modify at no charge. 

  • Encouraging countries to allocate at least 10ppm of GDP to support six R&D funds that reduce climate change, as described in this video.

  • All materials on this website are free and open, which means anyone can copy and modify at no charge.

  • Developing solar skins that wrap building roof and wall surfaces.

  • Developing techniques for placing solar direct to soil.  

  • Developing the smart building of the future.
  • Developed BuildingBus, a free and open operating system to be placed onto all devices in a building.      
  • Developing next generation HVAC components. 

  • Developed $50M Energy R&D Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)

  • Designing 2000sf smart building test site (SummaryPosterRequirements)

  • Want to help? Consider a tax free donation.

Who Is Manhattan 2?

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