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  • Aspencore Climate Change Solutions Series

  • UMass Amherst Students Develop Solar Panel Shingles For Sustainable Homes, CBS Boston TV, June 2021 (video).

  • Using processors and software to make buildings smarter, EDN, 3/29/2021 (article)​

  • How Electronics Can Help Tackle Climate Change, EE Times, 9/29/2019 (article)​

  • Your Donations Can Mitigate Climate Change, EE Times, 10/15/2019 (article)

  • Effects of climate change on Chappaquiddick, MV Times, 8/21/2019 (article)
  • Proposed LED/wired IoT standard can reduce energy use, EDN, 8/12/2019 (Part 1, 2, 3)
  • R&D initiative looks to solve energy and climate problems, EDN, 1/28/2019 
    • Now is the time to act (article)

    • Mass produce smart solar material (article)

    • Automate installation of rolled solar material (article)

    • Route network to windows, doors and ceiling (article)

    • Create standards to automate windows and doors (article)

    • Add active vacuum insulation to walls (article)

    • Establish zero energy architectural program (article)

    • Dramatically reduce cost of ground source heat pump (article)

    • Create universal language for building devices (article)

  • Electricity, Energy, and Global Warming By the Numbers, EE Times, 4/23/2015 (Part 1, 2)

Articles Published In National Media Prior April 2021

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