• Developing electrical, mechanical, and communications standards that define how solar PV material is mounted directly onto building roof and wall surfaces (e.g. plywood), edge-to-edge.

    • Rollable Solar R&D Initiative (pdf).

  • Developing Free and open array power conversion electronics

  • UMass Lowell 2020-21 Solar power conversion electronics, Prof. Schmid

    • 300W array element (ppt, pdf, video, source code)

  • UMass Amherst 2020-21 BiPV Mechanical Design Initiative, Dr. Schliemann

    • Design of overlapping joint (ppt, pdf, video, Solidworks)
  • Developing standards that support communications between power conversion devices within a smart building (more...)    

  • Developing free and open operating system called BuildingBus that can be placed onto all devices in a building, including power conversion devices (more...)

  • Articles published in national media (more...)

Solar Direct to Roof & Wall Surfaces Development (BiPV)

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