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Donate Money to Reduce Climate Change

If you want to help reduce climate change, consider a tax deductible donation to Manhattan 2, a 501(c)3
non-profit corporation. Your money will be used to support researchers who design and develop energy infrastructure that reduces CO2 emissions.

Companies often cannot afford to develop open standards with free reference designs. Government is not likely to fund these efforts since forming a market is a long 3 to 10 year complicated process, and their grants focus on smaller bite-sized projects. Independent University researchers, coordinated by Manhattan 2 and supported by your donations offer a unique and cost effective solution.

If you want to make a large $2M donation, consider having us set up an Energy Infrastructure Research Center (EIRC) at your school of choice. This includes a 2000 sq ft house-like structure where engineers start with a blank piece of paper and design each device from scratch, including light sockets, light switches, energy intensive appliances, etc. For example, a prototype refrigerator might attach to 55°F ground source water and have a direct 48VDC connection to solar panels (without inverters). The 1 acre site also includes maker space and machines such as a truck with articulating arm that researchers program to automatically place solar on land, and place solar directly onto building surfaces.  


The following universities want a $2M EIRC and have hundreds of engineering students eager to address the climate problem:


  • UMass Lowell, Professor Niezrecki

  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Professor Taufik

If you want to discuss Manhattan 2, contact
Glenn Weinreb, Chief Technology Officer,  
gWeinreb AT manhattan2 DOT org

Manhattan 2 Group is a 501(c)3 tax free corporation. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution. After you submit your donation, you will receive a receipt via email that you retain with your records to file with your taxes and receive a tax deduction

We require any researchers we support to agree to make all their results available to the public on a free and open basis including drawings, simulations, source code, reports and IP. Supported researchers are working to create low cost plug-and-play standardized systems. Plug-and-Play standardization with free and open reference designs encourage adoption through ease of installation and reduced manufacturing costs.

Manhattan 2 (Ma2) harnesses great researchers into a single-purpose group to undertake scientific and engineering research and development of any technology that will result in diminishing global dependence on fossil fuels or diminish greenhouse gasses or slow the speed of climate change.  Ma2 funds the creation of innovations, inventions, processes, source code and other intellectual property  that will be provided to the public domain at no charge, on a free gnu license basis.  At every level of interaction, from small research groups to large urban populations, developing the tools to tune socialization will increase exploration and engagement and vastly improve idea flow and acceptance of impending societal changes.  

Legal Name: Manhattan 2 Group, Inc.

Federal Tax ID (EIN):  83-4498716

Address: Manhattan 2, 99 Franklin St., Newton, MA 02458

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