• Manhattan 2 is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that does R&D to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Developing electrical, mechanical, and communications standards that define how solar PV material is mounted directly onto building roof and wall surfaces (e.g. plywood), edge-to-edge (more...).

  • Developing standards that support communications between all devices within a smart building (more...). 
  • Developing free and open operating system to be placed onto all devices in a building (more...).      

  • Developing standards that define how dampers and fans within ducts, and at vent openings, plug-and-play together (more...)

  • Helping to set up a $100M/5yr Multi-University Smart Building Development Initiative, as described here. For proposal, click here.

  • Helping to set up a $50M/3yr Energy R&D Initiative for Massachusetts researchers, sponsored by the state of Massachusetts, as described here.

  • Designing 2000-square-foot smart building test site: Summary, Poster, Requirements.

  • Want to help? Consider a tax free donation.

Who Is Manhattan 2?

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