• Manhattan 2 is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that mobilizes top scientists to solve large problems that threaten our society.

  • Published article in EE Times on how to mathematically resolve the COVID-19 crisis, along with future pandemics.

  • Helping to set up a Pandemic R&D Initiative at the University of Massachusetts @ Lowell. For details, see Proposal by Chairman of UML Computer Science Department, Professor Levkowitz; or see Video.

  • Helping to set up a $50M/3yr Energy R&D Initiative for Massachusetts researchers, sponsored by the state of Massachusetts, as described here.

  • Sponsoring research to develop solar material that is applied direct to building surfaces, as described here

  • Sponsoring research to develop standards by which a physical building window is instrumented with motorized thermal covers, as described here.

  • Sponsoring research to develop standards that define how devices interconnect within the building of the future, as described here

  • Designing 2000-square-foot test site for the above: Summary, Poster, Requirements.

  • Focus on opportunities not being worked on by industry, often due to a lack of interconnection standards. Companies cannot afford to develop an official standard since they receive a tiny benefit while the world receives the rest. All efforts are given away for free, to help make the world a better place via plug-and-play standardization.

  • Want to help? Consider a tax free donation.



Who Is Manhattan 2?

Manhattan 2 Published Articles

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